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Trade Insights – Furniture layouts

For today’s Trade Insight we are going to dip in to the world of Furniture layouts. Whether you are a budding interior designer or simply trying to make the most of the space in your own home, we have the Top Tips to make your furniture layouts successful.


Focus – Is there a focal point in the room? Maybe there is a beautiful fireplace or piece of art? People often make the mistake of making the TV the focal point but TV’s are soooo unattractive. Yes, if there is a TV it needs to be easily viewed from the seating area but it can be on a nice piece of furniture to the side of a fireplace. It doesn’t need to take centre stage.

Conversation Piece – How do you see yourself/ your client using the room? Is the furniture arranged in a way that is appropriate to its purpose? I.e if the room is for hosting social occasions have you created various seating areas that allow for individual conversations or should it be arranged to enable a group to sit and socialise together?

Walk Away – The standard space for an easy walk way is approximately 90cm. Look at how the flow of traffic would move through the room. Is the furniture too close together to allow people to easily manoeuvre in and out of the space?

Size Matters – Using large rugs is a fantastic way to bring a room together or a smaller rug to segregate furniture – creating intimate areas. Make sure the rug you choose is appropriately sized for the task. It should be large enough to ensure no furniture is falling off it. If under a dining table, you should be able to move the dining chairs back without them leaving the rug.

Somewhere to rest your glass – All seating should be within easy reach of a surface to place a glass or coffee cup without having to over stretch. Large coffee tables can be great for servicing a number of chairs or small round side tables can be popped next to individual chairs.

Light it up – Dont forget lighting in your furniture plan. A standing lamp will take up floor space and need to be appropriately positioned so it is in relation to the seating.

A formal affair – Different layouts suggest different moods to a room. Two sofas facing each other suggests formality. An L shaped sofa in a corner suggests a more relaxed, lounging area.

Multi task – Footstools are great for multi-tasking. They can be a place to rest your feet when lounging around, an extra seat when you have company or act as a coffee table when used with a tray.

Dont settle too soon – There is often multiple layout options to a room. Dont commit to one too soon. Draw out as many options as you can think of before finalising the design. This way you can see potential negatives before commiting to buying furniture.

That’s it for today! We hope you enjoyed our top tips on furniture layouts and as always we would love to hear yours!