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Trade Insights – Fee proposals

Today we are delving in to the tricky world of fee proposals. Many of our followers have been asking for advice on this subject and it is one that many find difficult across the board.

So, to help you out, we have been picking the brains of our friends in the industry to come up with our TOP 5 best tips for getting it right.

  1. Let the client know you were listening – Fee proposals can feel generic and what a client really wants to feel, is that you understand them. Make sure you list some of the key things your potential client really cares about. For example, if they talked about space for the children to play being important, make sure this features heavily in your proposal.
  2. Be Clear – It can be easy to get carried away with trying to win the job and you can end up promising the earth. Remember to think about the time that everything in your proposal will take you. It is great to win the client but if you end up working more hours than you have charged for you may regret it.
  3. Terms and Conditions – Always have a set of terms and conditions that go along with your fee proposals. Clients need to be aware of exactly how you work, what you are liable for and what you aren’t liable for before they decide whether to use you.
  4. Revisions – If you are providing layout proposals or even schemes, remember to include how many revisions you are prepared to do within the agreed fee. Then, state that anything after that will be at an additional cost. You can easily end up doing never ending revisions for a choosy client and without this set out from the start it is hard to draw a line.
  5. Enthusiasm – Finally, enthusiasm is key. A client wants to know you are passionate about their project and that you are bursting with ideas. Be sure your proposal puts across how pleased you would be to take on the project and how much potential you think it has. …

…..And there it is, our TOP 5 Tips on writing a fee proposal!