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It happens to us all. For some reason the creative juices just aren’t flowing and the fresh ideas seem to have dried up more than the sahara desert. You sit, starring at your desk, hoping a flash of inspiration will arrive but…nothing…

Feel familiar? Well don’t worry, the BLANC team have put our heads together to come up with 5 fail safe ways to get inspired and get that creative mind re energised and back on track.

1. Hydrate – We all love coffee and when we feel burnt out it is usually the caffeine we reach for but what your body really needs is something nutritious and hydrating. Go for a smoothie jam packed with delicious fruit to perk you up and give you the energy to get creative.

2. Get out ! It may feel counter productive to leave your desk when you are supposed to be working but sometimes a break is just what you need to get those ideas flowing again. Get out in the fresh air and surround your self with nature. The fresh air will give you a natural boost and surrounding yourself with nature will give you perspective and and allow your mind to think freely.

3. Just for the fun of it – Remember when you were little and you did things just for fun?? With the pressures of everyday life most of us cant remember what its like to sit and do something for pure pleasure. Try colouring, just for half an hour. Its relaxing and leaves the mind free to wonder.

4. Get talking – Working in the creative industry can sometimes be lonely, especially if your office is at home. It is important to be around others to bounce ideas off and learn from each other. Make time in your schedule for a catch up with a creative friend. Being around others helps to re energise us and remind us why we love design.

5. Always there for you –  Yep! Thats us! Tip no. 5 is read your favourite design blog. Whether its midnight and your struggling to meet a deadline or 6am and you need something to get your day started, you can log on to and look at your favourite posts to give you that creative kick start.

Now go get creative!