How to get there…

There is a saying – ‘It is not the destination but the journey that matters’. Well, here at BLANC we think it’s both! We have been chatting with our friends in the Interior Design industry to find out exactly how they got to where they are today. You will be suprised how different the journeys can be to the same destination.

What area of Interior Design do you work in?

Georgia: I am a lead designer at a design firm that specialises in commercial Interior Design. We work mainly with hotels and restaurants.

Adrianna: I am self employed, working in Residental Interior Design. I also write an Interior Design blog.

Andreas: I am the head of my own Interior Design Practice. We have 5 employees and focus primarily on residental but we have done some commercial office spaces.

Did you always know you wanted to be an Interior designer?

Georgia: Yes, from a young age I loved to re-arrange the furniture in my bedroom and I was always annoying my mother by moving the cushions around in the sitting room

Adrianna: No! not at all. My parents were very keen for me to go into finance when I was at school. I focused on maths and business studies and my first job was working for an accountant. It was only in my late twenties that I realised I wasn’t happy not being creative

Andreas: I always liked Interior Design but wasn’t sure there was a career for me doing it. It was only through experience that I realised I was good at it and that people make a living doing it!

What training have you done to get you where you are today?

Georgia: I completed a degree level course in Interior Design. It took 3 years and taught me everything from space planning to how to do a lighting and electrical plan.

Adrianna: It all happened by accident, really. I had an Interior Design blog that I used to share my ideas and things that I liked. It was my way of being creative whilst still working full time at the accountancy firm. Over time, my following for the blog got so large I started to get people asking for my opinion on what they should do for their interiors. People trusted my style and taste because they had seen so much of it over the years. Before I knew it, people where asking me to take on projects and it just grew from there.

Andreas: I had completed a degree in business management but knew I wanted to do something creative as well. I saw an opportunity to be an intern at an Interior Design company and thought, why not? I was initially meant to be there for two weeks and ended up staying for five years! All my training was on the job and it set me up perfectly for eventually branching out alone.

What would be your one piece of advice for our budding Interior Designers?

Georgia: Follow-up on as many opportunities as you can. You never know where something might lead. Some of the best jobs I have worked on have come from small enquiries that have grown over time.

Adrianna: It is never too late to follow you passions. I thought that I had missed my chance to work in Interior Design but I just did what I could to be creative. The blog writing got me to the same place I would of been if I had focused on Interior Design in my teens! Blog writing is a great way of dipping your toe in until you are ready to make the leap.

Andreas: Get as much experience as you can. The more real life experience you can get, the better equipped you are for going it alone. After I left my first job, I worked remotely on a number of projects and collaborated with other designers until I felt confident enough to run my own projects.

Thank you so much to Georgia, Adrianna and Andreas. To all our loyal BLANC followers, we hope you enjoyed hearing our Designers stories as much as we did!