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Sometimes interior design can be all about instant gratification. One of the best tools is the humble house plant, which will refresh any tired interior, bringing a whole new lease of life.

It is no secret that being around nature helps relax and rejuvenate but sadly we can’t always be outside. BLANC. looks at the introduction of house plants in to our interiors and how to do it with style. We are going to tell you where to put them, how to use them and what works best!

If you want to start slowly, how about grouping a few together on a coffee table or sideboard. The trick is to go for different sizes, types and containers. Group in odd numbers – 3 often looks best.

If you don’t have surface space free, try the idea below and hang a plant. Trailing plants are the best for this.

If you really want to bring the outdoors in, you could create a living wall. True ‘living walls’ require irrigation and tanking to avoid damp. They are also very expensive and difficult to look after. We recommend the simplier idea of mounting troughs on wooden batons (See below!)

Introducing plants in to your work area is a fantastic idea. It will brighten the space and add a cheerful, interesting asthetic. Dotting different plants amoungst other objects, like the image below, is a great way of introducing them.

Adding plants to your bathroom is also a lovely idea. The right plants add a serene, spa like feel to bathrooms.

Dont be afraid to go big! Large plants are a fantastic feature and really bring an interior to life.

…And finally.. What is the BLANC teams favourite indoor plant? The answer is – the succulant! They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and best of all they are easy to look after!

Happy planting!!!!