BLANC. does – Nursery Schemes

OK – so – there is a fair few tricky things to navigate when having a baby but for the design minded, creating a room that is baby friendly and fun but still stylish, is a big consideration. Luckily the Scandinavians have got it sorted – stylish, design led furniture and fresh neutral colour pallets.

With the help of our new favourite website BLANC. is going to talk you through some of the key tricks in creating a room, that not only your child will love but you as well. After all, it’s still your house isnt it!?

Furniture – When it comes to furniture we believe simplicity is best. Whites, greys and natural woods give a calm, simple, non gender specific feel. Leaving you to accessorise the rest of the room however you like and reuse furniture as your family grows.

We love this cot

It can sit by your bed or as a standalone cot. We also think the name Snuzpod is sooo cute!

Rugs – The humble rug is a great way of adding personality to a room. Abstract geometric shapes, bright colours and even animal rugs look great. They are more practical than carpet as once they wear out they can easily be replaced. You can also have multiple rugs in a room to help to segregate play areas and story corners etc.

We love this one for its bright colours

And this one for cuteness!

Storage – Once children come along, the only thing you will yearn for more than sleep is storage. The amount of equipment, toys, clothes and blankets these tiny people need is phenomenal.

We think these wall pockets are fantastic. They are cute, functional and add to the wall decor.

Lighting – Appropriate lighting is key to the success of any room. The best thing about lighting in a nursery is that you can have so much fun! We have fallen in love with this bunny light. At 56cm tall it is a fantastic size to sit by the bed and keep your child feeling safe and cosy.

Toys – Finally we give you the biggest gift of all! Toys that aren’t huge, plastic and garish.

We love this toy kitchen – in fact we wish our own kitchens were so stylish.

….And this toy cash register is just divine… Such pretty colours!

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