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BLANC. does Eclectic

Today we are looking at Eclectic interiors so get ready for a bombardment of colour and inspiration!

The definition of eclectic is, ‘deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources’ and here at BLANC. that is just our bag! We love it when designers mix styles and periods to create interesting and unusual combinations of furniture, colours and objects.

Take the below image for example, we have modern patterned chairs, a more traditional scroll arm sofa that is modernised with shaped cushions and a fantastically quirky shark chair. This eclectic interior with its diverse range of seating and bold art shouts out FUN!

For those not quite bold enough to go full-on shark chair you can get the eclectic look by dressing shelves with varied and interesting objects. Pretty much anything goes when it comes to shelves. Objects, pictures, plants, candles and books can all be grouped together in unusual collections to make an otherwise very plain interior interesting.

Cafes, restaurants and shops often do Eclectic best. Using bright colours with simple shelving they can display a range of products acting as a piece of decoration rather than just a selling tool. The stark contrast in the chair selection below adds further interest – We know which one we would rather sit in though!

The bohemian shop below hangs an eclectic array of items from the walls and ceiling with the patch work style rug pulling the whole look together.

Finally, eclectic doesn’t have to mean busy (although it often does!) an interior can be eclectic yet still refined. Just the odd unusual item added to an other wise tranquil interior adds interest and a talking point. Take for example the antlers below. Not only doubling up as clothes hooks, they are a decorative item in-keeping with the traditional fireplace below and in contrast to the modern wall lights either side (which we LOVE by the way).

Take a look at our Pinterest board for more eclectic inspiration and remember almost anything goes in the world of eclecticism so give it a go!